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Incomparable Invaluable Wisdom

Many have known of it, the small few have applied it;

That is 'Incomparable Invaluable Wisdom.'

"We never give away enriched wisdom too cheaply;

Especially the costly truthful kind."

'To conclude: Can You! Afford to be left behind?'

The Grey & Red Squirrel 

"Have you ever seen the grey or red squirrel at work? 

They dig into the ground or around the garden pots; 

To bury their fruit berries and savoury nuts." 

To conclude: A short or long term investment, 

will provide you! A rich complement supplement. 

For The Poor 

"In the land of plenty there exist 

multitudes of people in great poverty; 

What has happen to the spirit of love, 

generosity, and equality???"

Equal Footing

No man or woman could either walk, jog, or run comfortably

with the right leg, foot, feet, and toe nails grown tall.

The left side being so small; See! For yourselve at a glance,

there is going to be imbalance variance with a little chance.

"To conclude: Whatever you say or practically do;

Make sure there is always a harmonious equal footing."

Sir Mr William Shakespeare

Born April 1564 - April 1616

A renowned visionary actor, playwright, dramatist and poet;

The Bard of Avon.

Has created one of many, this dramatic play entitled:

'Measure For Measure.'

"To conclude: Equal measure for equal measure,

requires a balance for justice." 

A Protest For Justice???

As far as the eye can see! 

 (Depending On The Nature Of The Subject) 

There exist a protest that is full of nonsense. 

"All that loud and proud clap-trap mouthing.

All that huffing and puffing; 

Someone out there is bluffing. 

All fired-up and nowhere really to go!" 

"An alternate delusional fantasy 

that refuses to accept a true factual reality." 

They even generate 'sweet honey money' to entertain themselves, 

or to confuse too amuse.   An emotional protest, 

fanning the fiery flames of anger too propagate hate; 

Guaranteed at least one individual arrest. 

"To conclude: Sowing the seeds of doubt leads to 

suspicion and causes ultimately enemy opposition." 

Defamation Of Character 

A sad bad actor has assumed to accuse the foreign other 

for a petty minor matter; Whatever! 

Which happens to be a defamation of character. 

"To Conclude: All Due To A Cover Xenophobia Or Paranoia." 

Watch Out!!!

"Watch out! For the Oswald Mosley's of this world,

they have a hidden agenda philosophy;

That the man or woman of African parentage,

must not have plenty.

They themselves first must be wealthy."

To conclude: Be fully aware! To take good care.'

'Knock! Knock! Knock! To Mock.'

"For all those who habitually practice the use of profanity; 

Have loss their reasonable sanity." 

To Conclude: Anyone who makes the attempt 

to patronize too criticize; 'Are not so wise.'

Destroy A Bacteria Or Virus

Do you! Have the practical will to naturally kill

a disease bacteria or lethal deadly virus? 

So incurable and stubborn that it might burn right through into you!

It could be traced underground or fly airborne swirling around

and around from county borough to town.

"Here is a natural remedy, to destroy the menacing enemy,

that has been known to be found;

Look! Towards another direction, and have the courage

to drink organic herbal 'Borage, highly worthy to take Lungwort,

and good sweet Wormwood.'  Hot or cold as you personally prefer."

"Each portion to be sweeten with a natural organic honey; 

To conclude: Highly Recommend To Your Friend."

The Aero Extinguisher

Does not the aero firefighter puts out

the blazing raging fire with either soy foam or water?

Does not the aero dust cropper puts out the swarm of menacing insects and evident rodent pest with either a insecticide or pesticide??

Does not the aero police service pursue to hunt down

the mentally ill criminal with their hi-tec surveillance intelligence???

So it can easily possibly be to have in operation to save a family community nation from a virus plague invasion;

Too use an 'Aero Extinguisher Safer Sanitizer.'

"To conclude: High-up in the air from the mid atmosphere;

Rain down or spray in every directional way to cleanse the night or day; Too save many people precious lives in every way."

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